Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) through the Regional DRRM Councils is holding the 1st Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED 2018) on 15 February 2018, 2 pm. The ceremonial venue will be at Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City. 

OCD is also rolling out the “Bida ang Handa” campaign for NSED 2018. The campaign aims to promote disaster preparedness through public participation to the NSED. The campaign seeks to gather the maximum number of commitments via social media. 

The Bida Ang Handa campaign involves government, non-government, private and academic institutions as well as other stakeholders. The public is invited to post photos or videos in their respective social media accounts that show what they do to be prepared for earthquakes and other hazards. #BidaAngHanda is the official hashtag for this year’s NSED. 

Example: “Meron kaming Family Emergency Survival Kit para kung kailangang lumikas, meron kaming magagamit, dahil Bida Ang Handa!” 

“We encourage everyone to join the #BidaAngHanda campaign in support of the first Quarter NSED. The NDRRMC conducts this nationwide earthquake drill quarterly, as one of its initiatives to promote disaster preparedness and community resilience among Filipinos,” says NDRRMC Executive Director and Civil Defense Administrator Usec Ricardo B Jalad. (OCD). # Source - PIA


As the early registration period comes to a close, the Department of Education (DepEd) calls anew on parents and learners to participate in the said initiative, which will help DepEd to better address and prepare for possible issues and concerns at the start of the new school year in June 2018.

The period of early registration in all public elementary, secondary, and senior high schools nationwide is from January 28 to February 28, but the Department noted that early registration desks on Friday, February 16 are closed in observance of the Chinese New Year.

This initiative is in preparation for the opening of classes with the aim of reaching the expected number of learners for SY 2018-2019.

Target learners
The early registration aims to ensure that all five-year-old children by August 31 are enrolled in Kindergarten.

Moreover, it intends to locate, identify, and enrol Out-of-School Children (OSC) and Out-of-School Youth (OSY) who are in remote/geographically isolated areas or under difficult circumstances.

Also, it seeks to understand the barriers to have access to education and the possible local solutions or interventions that will bring learners to school and will ensure their completion of basic K to 12 education.

Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSENs) and other learners who require unique learning interventions, indigenous peoples (IPs), Muslim children, etc. — are among the targets of this early registration initiative.

School personnel are expected to conduct various activities, such as house-to-house campaign, posting announcements, meetings with local and barangay officials and civic organizations, and other advocacy activities to help locate school-aged children to enrol in schools.

What to bring
Learners must register early in schools where they opt to enrol. Incoming Kindergarten learners must bring their Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly National Statistics Office (NSO), birth certificate, and copy of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) checklist report from the previous school years’s day care centers, while Grades 1, 7, and 11 learners must present their PSA birth certificate and previous school year’s report card.

Furthermore, the Department reiterates that no registration fee or any payment must be collected from the child or their parents/guardians, pursuant to its No Collection Policy.

This effort is pursuant to the DepEd Order No. 3, s. 2018, or the Basic Education Enrollment Policy, and DO No. 6, s. 2017, or the Multi-Year Implementing Guidelines on Early Registration, which are available online at the # Source -


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur - Ti Municipal Government ti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur nga idauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang   babaen iti implementing arm-na nga iti Municipal  Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) ket nangaramid  ti earthquake drill sadiay  Cabugao National High School, Barangay Turod, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur ken idiay Cabugao Institute idi Pebrero 15, 2018.

Babaen iti uni ti alarma, dagiti estudiante ken agad-adal kadagiti nadakamat a pagadalan kas panagsaganadda ket naikkanda iti pammilin a rummuarda kadagiti kuartoda ket simmaruno  a nagtignay dagiti kameng ti search and rescue personnel operation team a buklen dagiti kameng ti Cabugao Rescue  a mangbukel ti MDRRMC a  nagturong kadagiti kuarto a pangkitaanda kadagiti nagakem a biktima iti ginggined.

Tinulongan dagiti kameng ti  Municipal Police Station  ken iti  Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-Cabugao   ken kasta metten  a tinaming dagiti kameng ti Medics nga ibagian dagiti Personnel iti RHU-Cabugao dagiti natakuatan/nairuar a biktima ket naipanda iti Stage Area ken iti Incident Command Post.  Napakatan  iti First Aid dagiti biktima. 

Kabayatanna, ti ceremonial venue iti national drill ket naangay idiay  Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

Naipaganetget iti sapasap iti pannakipasetda iti information drive  a masasao a “Bida ang Handa Campaign”  babaen iti panangiyuna iti Office of Civil Defense (OCD) itatta a Tawen 2018.

Ti “#BidaAngHanda”   ket opisial a “hashtag” ita a tawen ti 2018 iti 1st Quarter  National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED).

Naballigi ken natunos dagiti estudiante ken agad-adal agraman dagiti mangisursuro kadagitoy a pageskuelaan a nakikaysa kadagiti nangipatungpal iti earthquake drill iti Munisipio ti Cabugao. # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Nai-turnover dagiti baro  nga alikamen iti Cabugao Municipal Police Station idi  Pebrero 19, 2018 manipud iti LGU-Cabugao nga idauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang.

Buklen dagiti nai-turnover nga alikamen iti Monobloc Table and Chair; TV ken Dispenser.

Kalpasan a naiyallawat dagiti baro a ramit  manipud iti Opisina ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang ket impeksa dagiti kameng ti MPS-Cabugao iti panagyamanda iti Gobierno Lokal ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur iti pannakapaadda dagitoy a mainayon a ramitda. 

Binayabay dagiti Konsehales ti Ili ni Mayor Josh Edward nga isuda SBM Danny Q. Gazmen ken ni SBM Vicky S. Serna iti pannakaiyawat dagiti nadakamat nga Office Equipment kadagiti kameng ti MPS-Cabugao nga idauluan ni  PI Romar P.  Renon, DCOP.  # (Web In-Action)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Nagleppas ti pasalip ti Region 1  Athletic Association Competition (RIAA)  2018 nga insayangkat ti DepED Region 1  idiay Alaminos City, Pangasinan manipud idi Pebrero 11, 2018 agingga iti Pebrero 16, 2018.

Buklen ti 14 a Delegasion ti umaayam ken Coaches/Sports Officials a naggapu iti uppat (4)  a Probinsia: Ilocos Norte; Ilocos Sur; La Union; ken Pangasinan kasta metten iti siam (9)  a Siudad: Laoag City; Batac City; Vigan City; Candon City; San Fernando City; Urdaneta City; Alaminos City; San Carlos City; Dagupan City;  agraman iti RSAC ken ti Regional Office ti DepED Region 1.

Maibasar iti rekord ti RIAA 2018,  adda dua nga umaayam a nangabak  a taga-Ilocos Sur iti Archery nga isuda Kateleen Yanna Marie S. Somera, Grade 10 ken ni Mark Vincent Gorospe, Grade 9, agpadada nga agbasbasa iti Cabugao Institute iti benneg ti Archery a napagsasalipan.

Inabak ni Kateleen Yanna Marie S. Somera, taga-Brgy. Bonifacio, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur  ken anak ni Ms. Marites Sabio Somera ti Gold (30 Meters) iti Archery ken karaman isuna iti Bronze (Team Event) a buklen ti tallo nga Atleta ken Silver – Olympic Event (Team Event).

Uppat met a medalia ti inyalat ni Mark Vincent Gorospe, taga-Brgy. Lapting, San Juan, Ilocos Sur nga agad-adal ita iti Cabugao Institute ket dagiti sumaganad ti inabakna:  Gold (60 Meters); Gold – Individual Event; karaman iti Bronze Team Event) ken ti Bronze (50 Meters).

Nagpaay a Coach ni Mr. Gelacio Piros, mangisursuro iti Cabugao, National High School, Brgy. Turod, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Dagitoy nga atleta ket kamengda ti Delegasion ti Ilocos Sur a nakikontes iti RIAA 2018 ken isuda ti mangibagi iti Region 1 iti maangay a Palarong Pambansa ditoy Ilocos Sur. 

Kabayatanna, nagturong dagiti dua a nadakamat nga Atleta iti Opisina ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang idi Pebrero 19, 2018  tapno mangipaayda ti panagkortesia iti Ama ti Ili ken personal nga ipadanonda daytoy a balligi a naragpatda a nakaidayawanda ken iti eskuela ken ili a naggapuanda.

Binayabay ida ni Mr. Gelacio Piros, Coach dagiti nadakamat nga Atleta iti RIAA 2018.  # (Web In-Action

Monday, February 19, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Nai-turnover dagiti baro a ramit iti Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-Cabugao. Indauluan ni Municipal Fire Marshal  Senior  Inspector  Cesar  M.  Ragasa, kabarbaro a Fire Marshal ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur  iti  nangawat kadagiti baro a ramit idi  Pebrero 12, 2018 manipud ken ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang.

Dagitoy nga  Office Equipment  ket mausar iti panangiwayat iti Fire Safety Lecture, Earthquake Drill ken dadduma pay a kanaigna nga aktibidad dagiti Bombero.

Naiyallawat dagiti baro a ramit a ginatang ti LGU-Cabugao  a kas iti TV, Speaker ken iti Laptop iti Opisina ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang.

Impeksa dagiti kameng ti BFP-Cabugao iti panagyamanda iti Gobierno Lokal ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur iti pannakapaadda dagitoy a mainayon a ramit iti panangipaayda ti serbisio para iti publiko. 

Binayabay dagiti Konsehales ti Ili ni Mayor Josh Edward nga isuda SBM Danny Q. Gazmen; SBM Vicky S. Serna;  SBM Dr. Jemaima S. Tan-Yee ken ni SBM Josefina S. Vallejo iti pannakaiyawat dagiti nadakamat nga Office Equipment. # (Web In-Action)

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naangay ti 91 st Foundation Day Anniversary ti Cabugao Institute, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur idi Pebrero 9-11, 2018  babaen iti Tema: “CI @91 Soaring High & Maintaining Excellence.” 

Iti Day 1, Pebrero 9, 2018, naaramid ti  Screening Examination for CI  Scholarship Grants. 

Iti Day 2 - Pebrero 10, 2018, naaramid dagiti sumaganad:  13th Ex-COMELEC Chairman  Victorino  A. Savellano  Memorial  Run; Nasantuan a Misa a maidaton kadagiti  Deceased Founders a nakitaripnongan dagiti  Administrators, Faculty, Staff and & Students babaen iti panangannong ni Rev. Fr. Rex P. Rilveria, Celebrant; ken iti Groundbreaking of the Alumni Building.   

Karabiyan dayta a petsa, naangay ti Coronation Night. Napadayawan ti 22  a Prinsesa nga inturayan ni Her Majesty Queen  Mary Faith Angel 1st.

Iti Day 3 - Pebrero 11, 2018, naaramid ti Parada iti aglikmut ti Poblasion  ken naisaruno ti Playground Demonstration dagiti agad-adal iti kamalman dayta a petsa. 

Karabiyanna, naangay ti Coronation and Parents and Alumni Night. 

Dagiti agdama a Board of Trustees ti Cabugao Institute ket dagiti sumaganad: Ret. Judge Efren S. Ubungen, Chairman; Members - Mrs. Helen S. Lazo; Miss Maria S. Rondon; Ms.  Maria Josefa Athena B. Savellano; Mr. Jeremy S. Seguban; Mr. Bendell S. Tan ken ni Mr. Bobby P. Ubungen. # (Web In-Action)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti panagmiting dagiti pannakabagi ti nadumaduma a sektor a mangbukbukel iti Municipal Agriculture  and Fisheries Council (MAFC) ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur nga idauluan ni MAFC Chairman Rogelio C.  Barlolong,  Presidente. Naangay ti miting iti   Parish Center Building, Cabugao Catholic Church idi Pebrero 13, 2018.

Nakikaysa da Federated Farmers President Modesto P. Ronque; Federated Fishermen President Magno Carbonel; Federated Farmers Coordinator Nathaniel B. Galamgam ken ni  Municipal Agriculturist Robert S. Savella iti nasao a miting. 

Kalpasan ti Opening Prayer, naibasa ti linaon ti Minutos iti napalabas a miting ti MAFC. 

Kalpasan a maibasa ti Minutos ti Miting, nagsarita ni  MAFC President Barlolong ket inulitna a sinalaysay dagiti napagsasaritaan iti napalabas a miting ket kalpasan a maanamongan iti kaaduan, naideklarar a pinal ken naaprobaranen  ti  Minutos.

Dagiti  immuna  a nataming ket  iti sumaganad: 

1.Pannakaited ti importansia kadagiti Seed Growers ti ili a Cabugao tapno maorganisar ken masanay-da para iti produksion ti bin-i a para kadagiti makasapul iti ili iti panawen ti panagtalon.
2.Panamagsagana iti Agriculture Sector iti pannakipasetda iti panagpiesta ti ili iti bulan ti  Abril 2018.
3.Natratar dagiti wagas a mangpadur-as iti agricultural productivity para iti benneg ti pagay; mais; nateng; tabako; carabao breeding; pamataudan ti nayon a danum para iti panagmulaan kas iti panagkulukol (drilling machine); irigasion ken kanaigna a kasapulan iti produksion  a pakairamanan iti makinaria ken dadduma pay.
4.Nakipaset ni ABC President Thaddeus “Teddy” U. Soller a nakipagtaming kadagiti napagsasaritaan.

Naballigi a napagnanamingan dagiti naidatag nga Agenda ken dadduma a pakseknan agingga a nag-adjourn ti miting iti 12:00 ti aldaw.

Dagiti Opisiales ti MAFC para iti Tawen 2016-2019:

Chairman – Rogelio C. Barlolong
Vice Chairman (PS)  – Grenalyn P. Amoroso
Vice Chairman (GS) – Robert S. Savella
Secretary (PS) – Jimmy P. Seguban
Secretary (GS) Arceli Antonette S. Racho
Treasurer – Nona Lidia M. Tabaco
Internal Auditor – Joselino S. Carbonel 
P.R.O. – Joselito A. Pablico 

Nabutosan pay ti 10 a Sectoral Committee Chairpersons ken 4 a Working Committee Chairpersons. # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti nagsina a panagmiting dagiti kameng  ti Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) ken ti Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) idi Pebrero 13, 2018 iti SB-ABC Hall ken iti ECCD Building kas iti panagsaganadda iti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.
Immuna a naaramid ti Call to Order sa iti Short Prayer. 
Naisaganad iti  pannakaited ti Agenda.

Nagpaay a Presiding Officer ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang, Chairman kadagitoy  nga Special Bodies  ti LGU-Cabugao. Timmarabay met ni MLG Officer Constancia “Connie”   L. Quinola, LGOO VI  ket dagiti sumaganad nga agenda ti natratar:

1.Peace and Order Situation (January to date) babaen iti panagreport ti PNP-Cabugao.

2.Fire Situation  Report babaen iti  BFP-Cabugao.

3.Proposed SGLG Indicators for Peace and Order - DILG

Issues and Concerns.

Other Matters.

Naballigi a nataming dagiti Agenda sakbay a na-adjourn ti miting.  # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti Signing ti Service Agreement ti Sisterhood ti City County of Hawaii ken ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur babaen iti opisial nga bibisita  dagiti Sakada manipud iti Hilo ken Hawaii, USA nga indauluan ni Council Chairwoman Valerie Poindexter ken ni Council Member Eileen  O’Hara ken  dagiti Opisiales ti LGU-Cabugao nga idauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang.

Naaramid ti  agreement signing iti Opisina ni Mayor Josh Edward nga inannong ti Chief Executive ken iti Hawaii Delegation Officials iti imatang dagiti Sakada; Opisiales ti Ili ken dagiti  Department Heads/Section Heads ti LGU-Cabugao idi Pebrero 13, 2018. 

Sakbayna, pormal a nakipinnirma iti Katulagan ni Mayor Josh Edward ken ni County Mayor Harry Kim iti panagbalin a Sisterhood City ti ili a Cabugao kadaytoy nadakamat a siudad a masakupan iti Estado ti Hawaii iti imatang dagiti kameng ti Konseho ti Siudad nga indauluan ni Council Chairwoman Valerie Poindexter kasta metten dagiti Konsehales ti ili a Cabugao idiay Hawaii, USA. 

Kabayatanna, simmangpet ti Delegasion ti Hawaii idi Pebrero 9, 2018 ket manamnama a maileppas ti panagbisitada iti Pebrero 15, 2018.

Sakbayna, kangrunaan a paset ti panagbisitada iti naaramid a Sakada Commemoration iti Port Salomague Sakada Shrine, Barangay Salomague, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur  ken ti naaramid a Sakada Night idi  Pebrero 10, 2018 iti Cabugao Cultural and Sports Complex, Barangay Rizal, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Kabayatanna, inasistiran dagiti  natudingan nga empleado ti Munisipio a nagbisita kadagiti Tourist Destinations iti Ilocandia kabayatan  kadagiti aldaw (Pebrero 9-15, 2018) a panagyanda ditoy Ilokos partikular ditoy ili ti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. # (Web In-Action)

Monday, February 12, 2018


The Department of Health (DOH), together with partner agencies and local government units of Cagayan Valley, kicks off today the nationwide celebration of Goiter Awareness Week (GAW).

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1188 signed in 2006, every 4th week of January has been declared as GAW to intensify public awareness on the prevention and control of Goiter and other Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD).

Iodine is an important micronutrient needed by the body to achieve optimum mental and physical development. Goiter is the enlargement of the thyroid gland due to deficit of iodine or other causes such as autoimmune disease, inflammation, new growth and other medical conditions.

The 2013 National Nutrition Survey revealed that about 5.8 million Filipinos were afflicted with thyroid disorders in different clinical presentations. If untreated, these disorders could lead to detrimental reduction of intellectual and physical capacity. These are manifested as goiter, thyroid malignancy, mental deficiency, physical deformities, congenital hypothyroidism, stunting, reproductive failure, and even death among susceptible individuals.

Maintaining last year’s theme,"Goiter Sugpuin, Isip Patalinuhin, Iodized Salt Gamitin", today’s celebration of GAW encourages the utilization of quality iodized salt in households and food establishments throughout the country. This can be realized through the development of a policy to institutionalize the national program on Thyroid Disorder Prevention and Control.

“Iodine deficiency disorders are recognized as one of our country’s major nutrition challenges that must be addressed by a comprehensive program direction through the development of a national policy. I therefore encourage every Filipino household to use iodized salt exclusively as it is a simple and practical way of getting sufficient iodine from their daily diets to prevent goiter and other thyroid disorders,” Health Secretary Francisco T. DuqueIII said.

The government protects and promotes the health of the people by fostering proper nutrition through cost-effective preventive measures such as salt iodization. The DOH, through the Food and Drug Administration, sets and enforces standards for iodized salt and monitors compliance of salt manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the salt being sold in markets and retail stores is properly iodized.

“Extensive information dissemination and educational efforts with our partner agencies are required to capacitate the public. I laud the efforts of our partner local chief executives in developing their own ordinances for thyroid disorder prevention and control among their constituents,” the health chief concluded. #  Source –


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti consultation workshop nga inwayat dagiti Ahensia a maseknan a kas iti DENR-Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (PENRO)-CENRO;  National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) kadagiti recipient communities; stakeholders ken barangay iti Munisipalidad ti Cabugao idi Pebrero 7-8, 2018 iti Early Childhood Care Development Building, Barangay Rizal, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Panggep ti nadakamat a miting ken workshop iti pannakabukel/pannakaisagana iti Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) Action Plan a pakaalaan dagiti maikanatad a datos para iti maitarget a Cabugao Watershed. 

Nagatendar met dagiti Opisiales ti Ili a nangtarabay kadagiti partisipantes iti nadakamat a dua nga aldaw a consultation-workshop. # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti panagbisita dagiti Delegado ti Filipino Sakada ti Hawaii ditoy ili ti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur ken iti Sakada Monument &  Shrine  a masarakan  idiay Salomague Port, Barangay Salomague, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur idi Pebrero 10, 2018.

Indauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang dagiti namasangbay kadagiti Bisita ken naregget dagiti umili  ti Cabugao a nangpasungad kadagiti sangaili.

Napadaanan ti panagsangpet ti Delegasion ti Hawaii iti Sakada Shrine. Kapasan ti Wreath Laying Ceremony, nangipaay ti Mensahena  ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang.  Kuna ni Mayor Josh Edward a naimbag unay a mataliaw ken mabigbig  dagiti sakripisio dagiti Sakada a nakaigapuan ti pannakagun-od ti balligi dagiti kailian ken iti komunidad ti Filipino iti Hawaii. 

Innayonna a daytoy a panagbisita ken iti panangbigbigda  iti naballigi a gapuanan dagiti Sakada ket napintas a maimatangan ti agsumbangir ken dagiti Delegado  kadagiti kadaraan a Filipino  idiay Hawaii ken dagiti umili ti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Naaramid ti Presentation ti Salomague Barangay Council & RIC. Kalpasan ti piktorial, naaramid ti Press Conference iti nadakamat a disso.

Naituloy ti Programa iti Cabugao Cultural and Sports Complex, Brgy. Rizal, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur iti karabiyan dayta a petsa. 

Immuna a naaramid ti Ritual Dance babaen kadagiti kameng ti Nagsincaoan Tribal Dancers (ubbing)  a tinarawidwidan ni Mr. Nick Bingas.

Naisaganad ti Welcome Remarks ni Ms. Julianne Ubungen.
Kabayatan ti panaglak-am iti naisagana a pagtaraon, tinokaran ida dagiti kameng ti  “Angklung” instrumento  a naaramid iti Kawayan   babaen kadagiti napili nga ubbing manipud iti CSCS ken iti CNCS.

Naaramid ti Presentation of Delegates kalpasanna.

Kalpasan ti intermission ti DepEd Folk Dancers, nagsarita ni Consul Valerie Poindexter.

Kimmablaaw ken nagyaman. Impeksana ti panagyamanna iti naimatanganna a kinairut ti panaglangen ti Estado ti Hawaii ken iti LGU-Cabugao kasta metten iti napateg a lagipen a gapuanan dagiti Sakada iti panagtrabahoda ken naipaayda a pagimbagan iti gobierno, komunida ken iti pamiliada ditoy Pilipinas. 

Nag-Mensahe  met da Atty. Rose Bautista ken ni  Hon. Eileen O’Hara, Opisiales ti Delegasion.

Nagsarita ni Pasado Mayor Edgardo “Ediboy” S. Cobangbang, Jr. Kimmablaaw ken nagyaman iti amin a naitaripnong iti dayta a gundaway. Bininsana ti pateg iti gapuanan dagiti Sakada; iti pagimbagan a naipagtengda para iti umili agraman iti Sisterhood iti County  City of Hawaii ken iti ili a Cabugao.

Naipabuya ti panagkanta dagiti kameng ti Cabugao DepED Teacher’s  Choir.

Impabuya met dagiti Delegado ti Hawaii iti talentoda iti panagkanta ken iti panagsala  a nangparagsak pay kadagiti nagbuya.

Nagtokar met dagiti kameng ti Angklung manipud iti LGU-Cabugao ken iti DepED Cabugao a nangparagsak pay iti nadakamat a programa.

Kalpasan ti programa ket naaramid ti grupo a piktorial.

Nakikaysa iti programa da SBM Danny Q. Gazmen; SBM Vicky S. Serna; SBM Dr. Jemaima S. Tan-Yee; SBM Josefina S. Vallejo; Mrs. Jerlie Seguban-Cobangbang;  dagiti Department/Section  Heads/Personnel  ti LGU-Cabugao, Bisita ken Opisiales ti Ili.

Nagpaay nga Emcee da  Mr. Paul Benedict N. Yacap ken ni Ms. Jocelle Singson, agpada a mangisursuro iti DepED Cabugao. # (Web In-Action) 


Thursday, February 8, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur - Naaramid ti pannakaited ti “Sagot Ayat Kailian” babaen iti Food Packs nga indonar ti Pamilia ni Dr. Charlie S. Sonido kadagiti kailian a marigrigat ti panagbiagda ditoy ili a Cabugao iti dayta met la a petsa ti Ohana Medical Mission idi Pebrero 2, 2018. Napunno ti ragsak ken panagyaman dagiti ag-150 a pamilia a nakaawat iti nadakamat a tulong.

Naaramid ti pannakaited dagiti sagut iti Rizal Park, Barangay Rizal, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. Inyawat ni Mrs. Chona Sonido, asawa ni Dr. Charlie S. Sonido dagiti naited a sagut ken kinadkadua ni Mrs. Lydia S. Gazmen,  MSWD Officer ti ili.

Naglaon dagiti Food Packs iti bagas, delata ken noodles. # (Web In-Action)


Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 682, signed by then President Corazon Aquino on 28 January 1991, celebration of Civil Registration Month is observed this February.

Relative to the event, February 23 of every year is observed as Universal Birth Registration Day as declared by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It will be noted that birth records may be used in claiming some inheritance, training ancestry, and establishment of an identity, to name a few.

This year’s theme, “ napapanahongCRVS”, stresses the importance of up-to-date and accurate Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in the formulation and implementation of government programs that are aimed at improving the live of the Filipino people. #  Source –


The Philippine Dental Health Month is observed in February. This annual observance started in 1951 as National Dental Health Week but in February 24, 2004, it was expanded into a month-long celebration, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 559 signed by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Led by the Philippine Dental Association, the observance aims to strengthen public awareness on the importance of the good oral health. It encourages dentists, students, relevant government agencies, and professional organizations to reach out to more people with no access to dental services, especially those who are in countryside.

This year’s celebration theme is “Ngiping Inaruga Mula Pagkabata, Malusog na Ngiti Baon sa Pagtanda.” # Source –


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Nagturong dagiti Farmer Leaders ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur iti Municipal Agriculture Office, Brgy. Baclig, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur ita a Pebrero 8, 2018 tapno kitaenda iti mabatayanda iti maiwaras a Rice Seeds  nga inted ti DA-RFO 1.

Maaramid ti distribution ti nasao a pamin-ian a pagay kadagiti mannalon babaen kadagiti  DA-LGU Cabugao Staff  ken dagiti   Opisiales dagiti Asosasion ti mannalon iti tunggal barangay kalpasanna.

Umabot ti 470 Bags @ 40 kgs./bag ti maiwaras a bukel iti pagay.

Imbatad ni Mr. Nathaniel B. Galamgam, Municipal Rice Program Coordinator a maited daytoy a bin-i kadagiti  Accredited nga Asosasion agraman iti SWISA ket makaammoda a mangprobitsar iti pakaibanaganna ta agbalinto a pundoda iti pagbayad dagiti makausar.

Dagitoy nga aksion ken inisiatiba ket gubuay iti napintas a timpuyog ti Pederasion ti mannalon ken iti LGU-Cabugao nga idauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang ken irepresentaran  ni SBM Atty. Randy Baniaga G. Kinaud, Committee Chairman on Agriculture. # (Web In-Action)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naangay ti Graduation ti  Local Farmer Technician  Led Farmers Field School on Sustainable Corn Production iti Dry Season 2018 ken naaddaan ti 26   a  bilang ti nagadal a mannalon (Farmer- Partners) iti Barangay Aragan idi Pebrero 6, 2018 iti Barangay Aragan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Daytoy a panagadal ket inesponsoran ti Dapartment of Agriculture-RFO 1, ATI-OPAG ken iti LGU-Cabugao nga idauluan ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang ken impatungpal ti DA-LGU a tinarawidwidan da  Mr. Obas Bill Y. Baclig, AT,  Mr. Henry B. Saliganan ken ni Mr. Bert P. Vicente, agpada a Local Farmer Technician. 

Iti naangay a programa, indauluan ni Ms. Marilyn R. Manantan,  FFS Participant ti panglukat a kararag. 

Iti biang ti Konseho ti Barangay nga idauluan ni Brgy. Captain Modesto P. Ronque, pinagyamananda ti DA-RFO 1  ken ti LGU-Cabugao  ken kakaduana pay nga Ahensia kadaytoy a nagun-od dagiti mannalon a kalugaranda. Impeksada a kankanayon koma latta  a mairamanda kadagiti programa ti Agrikultura  iti LGU-Cabugao tapno maidur-as met ti kasasaad dagiti mannalon ditoy a lugar.

Acknowledgement of Guests/Participants ti inakem  ni Municipal Agriculturist Robert S. Savella ken Presentation of PTD Result ti binagi  ni Mr. Jovany N. Tubera, FFS Participant.

Nangted  ti Impresssion da Ms. Shirley B. Sajor ken ni Mr. Cenon B. Sevilleja agpada nga FFS Participants.

Nagatendar ken nangipaay ti Mensahe ni Mayor Josh Edward S. Cobangbang. Kimmablaaw ken nagyaman kadagiti nagturpos, opisiales ken lumugar ti Barangay Aragan. Dinakamatna ti pateg ti panangabrasa  dagiti mannalon iti agtultuloy a panagbaliw/pannakaipakat  ti baro a Teknolohia.

Nagatendar ken nagmensahe met da Mr. Marcelino Alibin, pannakabagi ti Provincial Agriculture  Office (OPAG)  ken ni Mr. Sonny Apan, INREC-DA RFO 1.

Impresentar ni Mr. Henry B. Saliganan, AT/FFS Facilitator dagiti FFS Officers.

Nagsapata dagiti opisiales ti FFS ken naaramid ti pannakaakseptarda a naggraduar iti nasao a kurso dagiti 26  a mannalon.

Naisaganad ti Intermission Number.

Presentation of Graduates ti inakem ni  Mr.  Bert P. Vicente,  LFT/FFS Facilitator.

Naisaganad ti Confirmation of Graduates,  Acceptance of Graduates ken Distribution of Certificates.
Nagatendar met dagiti Agricultural Technologists (ATs)  ti DA-LGU Cabugao. Kasta pay  dagiti nagbuya a lumugar, sangaili  ken Opisiales  ti Barangay Aragan.

Nakikaysa met ni SBM Danny Q. Gazmen iti Graduation ti Farmers. 

Sinerraan ni  Ms. Katrine Joy P. Tapuro, AT/Corn Coordinator ti programa. Nagyaman iti sapasap a nakipagtaming iti panagballigi daytoy a programa ti Munisipio kadagiti mannalon. 

Nagpaay nga Emcee da Mr. Angelito R. Baclig; Mr. Wilfronio B. Manuel  ken ni Mr. Bert P. Vicente, FFS Facilitator. # (Web In-Action)