Friday, July 31, 2015


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Nailunsad manen ti Supplemental Feeding Program kadagiti ubbing nga imatmatonan dagiti Day Care Workers (DCWs)  kadagiti barangay ti Munisipalidad ti Cabugao mangrugi iti Agosto 2015.

Iti Hulio 30, 2015, miniting ni MSWD Officer Mrs. Lydia S. Gazmen dagiti Day Care Workers (DCW’s) tapno makonsultada maipapan iti pannakailunsad ti nasao a programa ti MSWD. Iti pannakiuman ti Web In-Action ken ni MSWD Officer Mrs. Lydia S. Gazmen, tinawen a maar-aramid daytoy a programa a para kadagiti ubbing ket inaldaw a maikkanda ti suplementar a pagtaraon babaen ti panangisagana dagiti Day Care Workers (DCWs)  kadagiti maluto a maipasango.

Kabayatanna, dinayaw ni Dr. Bernardino P. De Gracia, Medical Officer III ti Municipal Health Office (MHO) dagitoy a gannuat ti MSWDO ken dagiti Barangay Day Care Workers a katulongan iti pannakatagiben ti salun-at  iti barangay tapno mapapigsa ti resistansia dagitoy nga ubbing kadagiti tumaud a saksakit a patauden ti panagbalbaliw ti klima.  # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Malaksid iti inaldaw a panagagas dagiti Medical Personnel (Doktor, Nurse, Midwives, Dentist ken RN-Heals) iti Rural Health Unit-Cabugao ket maar-aramid met ti panagtignay ti sanga ti serbisio kadagiti 33 a barangay ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Iti biang met ti Community  Health Team (CHT) iti Barangay, maited met ti Honorariumda iti kada tallo a bulan,  segun ken ni Ms. Beverly Ramos, pannakabagi ti Provincial Health Office. Aramiden dagiti pannakabagi ti Team iti nagapuananda ket mapagkaykaysa ti reportda a maited iti RHU-Cabugao para iti pannakainayon ken pakaammuan ti Municipal Health Office (MHO-Cabugao)  nga idauluan ni Dr. Bernardino P. De Gracia III, Municipal Health Officer iti kasasaad dagiti kakaduada nga agtartarabaho iti benneg ti salun-at kadagiti barangay.

Innayon ni Dr. De Gracia a zero-incidence ita ti Dengue iti opisinada ken naalay-ayan ti pasiente nga um-umay iti RHU nga agpa-check up  ta nasursuruanen dagiti kaaduan nga umili a mangtagiben iti salun-atda.

Dagitoy nga aksion ken inisiatiba ket nagubuay babaen iti napintas a koordinasion dagiti maseknan nga Opisina iti salinong ti LGU-Cabugao nga idauluan ni Mayor Edgardo ”Ediboy” S. Cobangbang, Jr.  para iti agtultuloy a pannakaidur-as ti salun-at dagiti umili ti Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. # (Web In-Action)

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naangay ti naggigiddan nga aktibidad a pannakaipainum  ti pagpurga kadagiti agad-adal nga ubbing (Kindergarten to Grade VI) iti amin a pageskuelaan-Elementaria (Primaria) ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur idi Hulio 29, 2015.

Kabayatan iti pannakaipatungpal ti aktibidad ket nakitinnarabay met ni SBM Atty. Bryan Jett S, Pano, Committee Chairman on Health  ket  kaduana dagiti RHU Personnel a katinnulong  dagiti mangisursuro a nangipatungpal ti aktibidad. Daytoy ket  programa ti Department of Health (DOH) iti sangkapagilian a naawagan iti “Kontra Bulate” babaen iti pannakikammayetna iti LGU ken DepED. # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur - In connection with the National Disaster Conciousness Month observed annually every month of July, the Department of Education (DepEd) promotes Family Earthquake Preparedness to all elementary and secondary schools and instructs all schools to conduct the following activities as part of their respective overall preparedness plan.
On July 26, 2015, the learners of Cabugao South Central School, Brgy. Bonifacio, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur  had participated in  the earthquake drill conducted in the school compound. # (Web In-Action)


One of the most crucial factor in attaining rice self-sufficiency in the country according to the Department of Agriculture (DA) is the implementation of its Farm Mechanization Program. 

The DA's Farm Mechanization Program aims to further increase the productivity and income of the farmers while helping them become an "agri-preneurs" and less dependent on intensive labor in crop production.

For the last three years, farmers who have availed of the program are very thankful to the DA for giving them the necessary intervention that will not only provide higher incomes and profit but also giving them the sense of responsibility and pride in helping their co-farmers improve their farming techniques.

One of the farmer-recipients of DA's Farm Mechanization Program in Ilocos Region is Mr. Maximo "Max" Rabanal of Brgy. Pantay-Daya in Vigan City Ilocos Sur, a proud farmer for 40 years now.  The Pantay-Daya Farmers Organization where he is the President was a recipient of a 4-W Drive Tractor under the Agri-Pinoy Corn Program utilizing the counter-parting scheme. 
Under the Implementing Guidelines on the provision of the farm machineries to viable cooperatives and farmers organizations, DA shoulders the 85 percent of the total machinery cost while the 15 percent is paid by the association.

Prior to the provision of the equipment, Mg Max's group persevered to meet all the requirements in availing of the projects by sending their letter of intent together with the Board of Resolution from the Cooperative to authorize the group to enter into a contract with the Department of Agriculture and a certification on the availability of a counterpart fund for the said equipment.  His group has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office I through the DA-RFO's Regional Executive Director Valentino C. Perdido and the Local Government Unit of Vigan City.

With the provision of tractor to their association, Mg Max said that his colleagues now enjoy planting rice every cropping season for they no longer wait on the availability of tractor for rent in their area. 

"Kapag kailangan nila ang tractor, kahit anong oras ay naka-ready na para magamit dahil sarili na namin ito," Mg. Max said.

According to Mg Max, it takes him and his farmers group around three days to plow their one-hectare field using carabao-driven equipment.  But with the presence of the tractor that they have acquired from DA, plowing their field takes only a day, thus making their work faster, easier and more efficient.

In previous years, Mg Max and his members usually rented tractor for a minimum of P1,200.00 per hour or depending on the proximity of their areas.  But today, his association members now enjoy lesser fee compared to the usual payment of tractor for rent available in their area.

With the income of the association from the rental of their tractor, the members have now evolved into farmer-entrepreneurs.  With a desire to fully mechanize their farming activity, the association is hoping to avail the combined harvester which could also be availed from DA.

Under the leadership of Mg Max, the association was also able to avail other farm equipment like water pump and rice thresher which has ultimately provided the association members greater awareness on the advantage of using farm machineries to ease their burden during planting as well as in harvesting their produce.

Having all these farm machineries and equipment for Mg Max's association, they are now considered as among the major contributors in the attainment of last year's average productivity level of 3.9 mt/ha. in rice during wet and 4.22 mt./ha during dry cropping season as well as 5.65 mt/ha. productivity level in corn in the province of Ilocos Sur.  With this, the Province is able to sustain its more than 100% sufficiency level on all crop commodities making Ilocos Sur as one of the finalists in the National Corn Achiever's Award sponsored by the Agri-Pinoy Corn Program Directorate.

It cannot truly be discounted how DA’s assistance contributed to the upliftment of the lives of each member’s of Mng Max’s association, including himself. Mng Max alone have succeeded in transforming his family’s lifestyle from a “struggling to survive” way of life to a life of comfort, all because he now have time to do more in his farm while spending less given the benefits of the Farm Mechanization Program that has responded to the vital needs of most farmers. # Source –


The Negosyo Center was formally opened to the public by the Department of Trade and Industry after it was inaugurated on July 29, 2015. This new building serves to meet the goalmouth of the “Go Negosyo Act Program” in facilitating the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or the MSME’s in the province.

The launching was attended by City and Provincial officers headed by Gov. Ryan Singson to show their support to the program in promoting job generation in the province.

“We are thankful for the DTI in assisting us in giving services. This center is beneficial for our constituents especially those who wish to start business. They are properly guided to achieve a sustainable source of income”, Gov. Ryan said.

With the “Go Negosyo Act”, the DTI, with the support of Local Government Units and other government agencies, boosts government’s assistance for the growth and development of MSMEs leading to more jobs and improved standard of living of the Ilocanos.

This can be seen from promoting and supporting the potentials of LGUs in terms of their local product such as the Municipality of San Vicente and Lidlida who received 500 thousand and 700 thousand pesos respectively for the development of their one town one product (OTOP).

The Negosyo Center will serve as training center in providing assistance for those who want to start a small business and those who have existing business who need more trainings and techniques to enhance their products. The center is also responsible for facilitating business registrations in order for the MSMEs to establish their industry. # SOURCE - Mary-Vick Addu/PIO ILOCOS SUR

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naaramid ti One-day Tilapia Culture Skills Training  para kadagiti 31 a 4 P’s Beneficiaries ti Brgy. Namruangan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur idi Hulio 28, 2015 iti Municipal Conference Building, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.

Nangipaay ti Mensahe ni Mayor Edgardo “Ediboy” S. Cobangbang, Jr. iti panagrugi ti panagsanay. Kimmablaaw ken nagyaman kadagiti Opisiales dagiti nagkakammayet nga Ahensia ti DSWD, BFAR, LGU-Cabugao  ken ti OPAG-Ilocos Sur kadaytoy a maipaay manen a proyekto nangruna iti pannakaipatungpal daytoy a proyekto a nayon a tulong kadagiti Recipients ditoy nga ili.

Innayon ni Mayor Ediboy a papintasen koma dagiti recipients ti pannakaiyimplimentar ti proyekto tapno nayonandanto manen ti ad-adu pay a pagimbagan a para iti hanay-da.

Nakikaysa ken nagsarita met da MSWD Officer Mrs. Lydia S. Gazmen ken ni SBM Atty. Bryan Jett S. Pano iti nasao a panagsanay.

Iti Hulio 29, 2015, maangay ti Hands-on ti proyekto idiay Brgy. Namruangan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur nga atendaran dagiti amin a nagatendar agraman iti panangtarabay ti DA-LGU babaen ti panangimaton ni Mrs. Milagros R. Paz, Municipal Fisheries Coordinator. # (Web In-Action)


Cabugao, Ilocos Sur – Naangay ti One-day Celebration ti Municipal Nutrition Month 2015 iti Cabugao Cultural and Sports Complex, Brgy. Rizal, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur a nagatendaran dagiti pannakabagi ti 24 a pageskuelaan ti Cabugao DepED District ken dagiti lima a pageskuelaan-sekundaria ti ili a Cabugao, Ilocos Sur idi Hulio 27, 2015.

Imbagian ni SBM Dr. Jemaima S. Tan-Yee, Committee  Chairman  on Education ni Mayor Edgardo “Ediboy” S. Cobangbang, Jr. iti pannakaited ti Mensahe ti Ama ti Ili kadagiti nagatendar ken dagiti umili iti pannakipagselebrar ti ili a Cabugao iti agtultuloy a pannakaitandudo ti Nutrision.

Pinagyamanan ni SBM Dr. Tan-Yee dagiti amin a nagpartisipar nangruna kadagiti mannursuro, ubbing, kameng ti LGU-Cabugao ken kakaduana iti Konseho Munisipal a da SBM Atty. Bryan Jett S. Pano; SBM Vicky S. Serna; SBM Jayhan Alcid-Tan ken ni SBM Josefina S. Vallejo iti naballigi a pannakaipatungpal daytoy nga aktibidad.

Nagatendar met ni Mrs. Estrellita M. Siruno, Principal II, Cabugao North Central School iti nasao a selebrasion.

Nakulminar ti  selebrasion babaen kadagiti naaramid a contested activities kas iti Nutri-Quiz ken Mosaic/Poster Making ken nagpaay a Hurado da MSWD Officer Mrs. Lydia S. Gazmen; HRM Officer Miss Mimi S. Sison ken ni MNAO Joenah G. Sevilleja iti Nutri-Quiz ken napusgan a mannursuro a nag-Hurado iti Mosaic/Poster Making.

Naipaayanda met iti Certificate of Recognition dagiti nangabak  a nagpartisipar agraman dagiti Coaches dagiti ubbing ken agtutubo. # (Web In-Action)