Sunday, August 1, 2010

LGU supports farmers with rice and corn programs

One of the initial programs the administration of Mayor Ediboy Cobangbang undertook was to provide assistance to farmers. One thousand packs of Free Hybrid Palay Seeds amounting to P630,000.00 were given to farmers with irrigated areas during the palay wet cropping season on July 2010. A month after, another 4,026 packs of Free Hybrid Palay Seeds worth 4.2 million pesos were given to farmers.  This assistance aims to increase production of rice for self-sufficiency in our municipality.

Palay farmers were also provided with financial assistance through a soft loan scheme with an interest rate of 1% a month. This program is tied up with palay traders who received and distributed the amount to the farmers and are responsible in collecting payments from the farmers.

Similar to this program is the distribution of fertilizers, particularly ammonium sulfate, in the amount of 2.5 million pesos to farmers.

The distribution of these seeds and fertilizers is properly facilitated primarily due to the utilization of the Farmers’ ID. All legitimate farmers in the municipality were issued Farmers’ Identification Cards for proper documentation. Around 4,000 farmers have been issued with their IDs and have been provided with assistance.

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