Friday, April 22, 2011

Municipal Nurseries: Propagating New Technology on Tilapia Culture and Raising of Seedlings

THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNIT-Department of Agriculture of the Municipality of Cabugao headed by Mrs. Zenaida S. Andrada prepared a plan for the propagation of a new technology on fishing specifically on frying and hatching concentrated on tilapia culture for the meantime.

This project is in consonance with the policies and programs of Mayor Edgardo S. Cobangbang, Jr. to assist the fishermen sector by adopting new technologies that are co-implemented by line agencies such as the DA and BFAR.

The LGU has undergone construction of a concrete fishpond north of the riverbank to accommodate fingerlings of its kind to be raised by the LGU-DA personnel. According to Mr. Robert Savella, agriculture technologist in charge with fisheries, the LGU-DA will raise fingerlings that are genetically-improved while undertaking the transfer of technological know-how to fishermen and farmers who are interested to raise tilapia. The office plans to cater the needs of all fishpen-owners located within the municipality and to sell fingerlings to other private fishpond owners.

One of the valuable lessons imbued to fishermen is the knowledge the life cycle of a fish and how to preserve the important species that are in demand in the market. Besides, Mr. Savella told that they are presently reorganizing and strengthening fishermens’ organization in the coastal barangays.

On the other hand, the LGU-DA has embarked also on providing seedlings of different kinds/species to all interested farmers/individuals and organizations mainly to augment the government’s initiative on tree planting ever aware of its benefits as a polluting control unit of the environment.
The LGU built a new nursery located north of the riverbank where to house seedlings of different kinds. The nursery was completed on April  20, 2011.#

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