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The Cabugao South Central School Marching Band
By: Estrella V. Somera

One summer month in 1978, the President of the Federated P.T.A. of the Cabugao South Central School, Atty. Ernesto S. Somera and some teachers were having a conversation on mundane things, when all of a sudden an idea struck them. This idea was brought about when the topic centered on music. Then and there in May, the Cabugao South Central School Marching Band was conceived.

A P.T.A. meeting was called in June, 1978, wherein the idea was presented. It met immediate approval and so eight xylophones were bought. Already on hand were a bass drum, a pair of cymbals and eleven snare drums. On August 19 of the same year the new instruments were blessed by Rev. Fr. Amancio A. Garcia, the music-minded parish priest. Then the Cabugao South Central School Marching Band had its maiden performance. There were 22 members then including a majorette. What the parents saw and heard on that day made their hearts swell with pride, that they volunteered to buy some more instruments for their children. In October 24, when the marching band had its second performance in connection with the United Nation Week, there were already 38 members.

That same school year, Mr. Francisco Savella, the District Supervisor, decided to hold a district Elementary Day. There was a parade around the town and again the Cabugao South Central School Marching Band was in the fore. In April, 1979, the usual town fiesta was held, the same band was requested by the Mayor of the town to play with its already 60 members. When school year 1979-1980 opened, some of the members left for high school. Members were again recruited and on their anniversary there was another blessing of new instruments, now with an additional kind, the melodion. Children who had a background in playing the piano were the first ones to buy the melodion. 

With the yearly celebration of Linggo ng Wika and United Nations Week, Christmas and other celebrations, the marching band is an indispensable feature. When the unfortunate accident of the late Mr. Angel Castro happened, this same band supplied the funeral march which was repeated when the late Mr. Pedro Garcia met his untimely death. Two months after, this school band was requested to assist a first class wedding ceremony in church. When the late Mayor Apostol died, this band furnished music and paid its tribute accompanying the body to its final resting place.

The district popularity contest in the school year 1979-1980 was shared by the North Central School and the South Central School, king and queen respectively, and as a fitting tribute to the queen who is a member of the band, the Cabugao District Junior Combo, which is the pillar of the Marching Band, supplied dance pieces during the coronation night.

At the opening of the school year 1980-81, the Cabugao South Central School Marching Band was badly depleted. Almost two-thirds of its members graduated, taking with them their own instruments. Again, with the unstinted support and cooperation of the P.T.A., members were recruited.

Some townsmen who are now residing abroad and who know the good accomplishments of the school marching band give their encouragements to improve this youngsters group. A philantrophic couple in the person of Mr. and Mrs. Epifanio Sonico, brought home from California, U.S.A., a brand new trumpet and donated it to the school. A former co-teacher Miss Willy Serrano donated another one. Mr. and Mrs. Espiritu Salamanca donated a tenor (bombardino).

The success of the marching band is due to the full support of our two retired District Supervisor. This was again strengthened with the coming of a very active District Supervisor Mrs. Marina S. Pano, for at present there are not only two school bands in the district but there are ten. In the last District Festival and Fair spearheaded by Mrs. Pano, all the ten school bands exhibited their skills in parade and field demonstrations.

We who have first organized these bands felt happy that at least we have shown something worthy of emulating. The Cabugao South Central School Marching Band has at present seventy-six members. It is being managed by equally devoted and sacrificing teachers, in the persons of Mr. Jose Valledor, the district Music Coordinator, Miss Eliodora Somera, Mr. Deogracias Sajonia, Mr. Reynaldo Serdenia and parents of this school and yours truly, through the inspiring effort of the District Supervisor, Mrs. Marina S. Pano.

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