Thursday, September 7, 2017


With the onset of rainy season comes a downpour of health threats and illnesses ranging from mild to severe in condition like dengue fever, influenza and leptospirosis.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation’s Regional Office VI (PRO VI) data from 2014 to 2016 showed an increasing trend in paid claims for Typhoid Fever at 3.36 percent, Influenza at 58.92 percent and 183 percent for Dengue Fever which signifies a spreading occurrence and high potential of transmission of these diseases in the region. For the past three years, PhilHealth has paid nearly PhP 3 million for 30, 219 claims for Dengue Fever, more than PhP 6 million for 1,091 claims for Influenza and almost PhP 98 million for the 10,165 claims of Typhoid Fever for the whole region.

PhilHealth reminds everyone to observe precautionary measures such as disposing of waste properly, emptying dirty water storage containers, and removing man-made habitats that may become breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. It is also advised to use protective clothing, footwear, umbrellas, raincoats and insect repellants.

Dr. Darwin T. Lagura, Medical Specialist III of PRO VI emphasized that swimming or wading in water that may be contaminated with animal urine and dirt should be strictly avoided.“It is important for us to observe proper hygiene, eat healthy food and take enough rest and sleep so our immune system will not be compromised. In the presence of any sign and symptom, medical consultation should immediately be sought,” said Lagura.

However, since it is inevitable for people not to acquire these diseases, PhilHealth urges everyone to be ready by making sure that PhilHealthmember data and contributions are updated.

“PhilHealth continues to keep its mandate of providing financial risk protection especially during this season that we know hospital admissions rise due to rainy day illnesses. We make sure that the members and their dependents can avail themselves of their benefits especially in times when they need these most,” said Lourdes F. Diocson, Regional Vice-President.
PhilHealth pays for the common illnesses during rainy season like Dengue without warning signs at Php 10, 000.00, Dengue with warning signs at Php 16, 000.00, Leptospirosis at Php 11, 000.00, and Typhoid Fever at Php 10, 000.00. Other benefit packages for some health threats include Cholera at P6,000.00, Hepatitis A at P11,800.00 and Influenza at P6,000.00. Different case rate amounts for selected medical conditions are being implemented when these are managed and treated in Primary Care Facilities.
Aside from the health tips and information on treatment for the said threats, PhilHealth reminds everyone to keep safe and that prevention is still highly encouraged. # Source - PHILHEALTH

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