Friday, October 6, 2017


Punong Barangay Carlos V. Sison of Barangay Baclig led the Visitors and his constituents in the floral offering to the Monument and a Holy Mass held at the Barangay Hall to commemorate the birth of the late Col. Eustaquio S. Baclig on  September 16, 2017.


EUSTAQUIO S.  BACLIG was born on September 16, 1893. He finished elementary education in Escuela de Gabaldon (now, Cabugao North Central School)  and  secondary level in Vigan High School. 

He pursued his college in Silliman University. On that same year, he passed the entrance examination and eventually transferred to the US Military Academy at West Point where he graduated with an Engineering degree in 1917 receiving the rank of Lt. Col. under SN 012186. He married Juana Farinas. He was one of the Founders of the Cabugao Institute in 1927. 

He was assigned to Camp Eldrich in Laguna and later transferred to Ft. Statsinbergh, (former Clark Air Field) in Pampanga. He also served as UP Commandant of the Reserve Officer Training Course in Manila and Cebu Campus. He  became  Head of Reserve Officer School in Baguio.  

When World War II broke out,  the Japanese Aerial Fleet bombarded almost every key cities in South East Asia. The  USAFFE was created in July 26, 1941.  He was designated as General Staff of the Philippine Division under Maj. Gen. Jonathan M. Weinwright (SN 02131). In November 17, 1941, he was promoted and designated as Division Chief of Staff of 101st Division under Col. Josyn Vachon stationed in Mindanao. He was one of the supporters of the Women’s Auxiliary Service (WAS) that was established in Barrio Cael-layan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. 

Names of died soldiers including General Eustaquio Baclig were acknowledged in the American Cemetery in Ft. Bonifacio. President Manuel L. Quezon awarded Gen. Eustaquio S. Baclig a Purple Cross, the highest award given to a  soldier and posthomous promotion to Full Star General for his gallantry and heroism. 

However, President Carlos P, Garcia signed Republic Act 3590 creating and subdividing Cabugao (Poblacion) into several barangays in 1959. The town subdivided into four (4) barangays, the western part of Poblacion had been proposed to name it Luna (Antonio Luna) but residents  preferred it Baclig in memory of the great contribution of Gen. Eustaquio Baclig.  Barangay Baclig is the biggest barangay in terms of land area within the Poblacion. It has a total land area of 227.5 hectares. Farming and fresh water-fish propagation is the main source of income. Barangay Baclig has two Sitios namely: Lusong Suyo and Callaguip. #  Adapted News/

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