Thursday, August 31, 2017


To ensure that President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive for faster and efficient government services is met, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) recently came out with its Updated Citizen’s Charter containing the step-by-step procedures for availing the Department’s frontline services and the allotted time for the release of requested documents.

The modified charter lists out the necessary papers to submit, specific tasks of the offices responsible, as well as the duration of the processing period when requesting for documents. These charters are meant to act as a pledge of efficiency and is a requirement for government agencies under the Republic Act No. 9485, or the “Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007.”

Under the Implementing Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Civil Service Commission, these guidelines should be reviewed whenever necessary, but not less than once every two years.

The DILG’s updated charter was deliberated upon during a three-day workshop with key officers from central and regional offices that was held last October 2016. DILG frontline services
Requests for Authority to Purchase a Vehicle Local government unit (LGU) Eight hours
Requests for Death Benefit Funding Allocation Beneficiaries of Deceased Barangay
Officials Two days, four hours and 30
Release of Death Benefit Claims Beneficiaries of Deceased Barangay Officials Three days, 15 hours, and five
Certification for Service Rendered by Sanggunian Members for application for Civil Service Commission Eligibility All Sanggunian members who
served an aggregate of six years,
completed at least 72 units leading
to bachelor’s degree (first level
eligibility), or an aggregate of nine
years having completed
baccalaureate degree (second
level). Both should start in 1991. Five hours
Endorsement of Application for
Scholarship Grants/Study Leave Local government officials and
employees Eight hours
Endorsement of Request for
Issuance of Authority to Travel
Abroad Local government officials and
employees Six hours
Request for Review of Training
Design LGUs, local leagues and other
service providers except those
covered by consultancy contracts Two days and five hours
Streamlining frontline services

The updating of the Citizens’ Charter is in line with the directive of the President during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) for all government agencies to further streamline their frontline services from womb – to - tomb and undertake all necessary measures to make these truly efficient, responsive, and people-friendly.

To ensure compliance with the President’s instructions, DILG officer-in-charge Catalino S. Cuy called on all heads of DILG operating units, including heads of DILG attached agencies, to submit a report and regular updates regarding the actions that they have taken in compliance with the said directive.

He tasked the DILG Planning Service to monitor and consolidate the actions taken by the Department for submission to the Office of the Executive Secretary and the Presidential Management Staff in order to guarantee that the administration’s goal of providing quality service with no delays was met.

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