Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The province of Ilocos Sur is known internationally in terms of its beautiful and historical tourist destination.

Since Vigan city was declared as one of the new seven wonders cities of the world, the province became more popular not only on its neighbor countries but also in the entire world. This place is itemized on the bucket list of many tourists travelling around the world to capture its stunning and unique preservation of historical sites which is a part of its history. Many representatives also from the different countries are visiting the province to look into a business partnership for different industries.

South Africa Ambassador Martin Slabber is one of the many international dignitaries who visited Ilocos Sur but he has a unique purpose in visiting the province. He personally met the Governor to ask help on how to preserve the culture and traditions and how to turn them into a great treasure of today’s generation.  “There is a city in our country which is similar to the heritage city of Vigan. I’m here because I want to develop that city just like yours.” Ambassador Slabber said.

With a humble and hospitable heart, Gov. Ryan welcomes the Ambassador through a cultural presentation where the traditional songs and dances are showcased. He signified his willingness to have a good relationship and collaboration between the province of Ilocos Sur and the South Africa in support to tourism development. “It’s an honor to the provincial government that our beloved province was been recognized through its distinctive spots that is capable in captivating investors. Gov. Ryan added.

The Governor believes that through the collaboration of the two countries would be the best way in promoting the tourism within the province.  # Source – PIO Ilocos Sur

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