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On March 21, 2014 Barangay Fire Olympics was conducted by Cabugao Fire Station and it was held at Cabugao Institute ground, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur.  A number of Barangay Tanods actively participated in all the events. This was the culminating activity of this station in celebration of Fire Prevention Month 2014 with the Theme: ISULONG ANG KAUNLARAN, SUNOG AY IWASAN, KAALAMAN AT PAG-IINGAT ANG KAILANGAN.

Rescue drill using fireman’s drag. INSP ELMER C ACAPUYAN MFM and FO2 Tony Simbe evaluate their performance during the Barangay Fire Olympics. 
INSP ELMER ACAPUYAN, Municipal Fire Marshal said in his message that the involvement of the citizenry particularly barangay officials and Tanods is very essential to propagate fire safety awareness. This activity will not only enhance their knowledge and skills in firefighting and rescue operations but also promoting camaraderie and in sustaining their neighboring barangays in times of emergency. He stresses also the role of Barangay officials and tanods when the BFP is responding in their respective barangays. Unity and oneness was one of his major objectives in conducting Barangay Olympics.

Contested events are Hose relay, Hose throwing, Blitz attack and Rescue, and Tug of War. Winning clustered Barangays are Brgy Cacadiran and Company garnered 1st Place. Brgy Dardarat and Brgy. Bato was the second place and Brgy. Nagsantaan and Brgy Salapasap garnered third place. There are twenty two (22) barangays participated in this events; Brgy. Cacadiran, Brgy. Salapasap, Brgy. Arnap, Brgy. Sabang, Brgy, Cuantacla, Brgy. Daclapan, Brgy. Nagsantaan, Brgy. Maradodon, Brgy. Pug-os, Brgy. Baclig, Brgy. Bungro, Brgy. Cuancabal, Brgy. Bonifacio, Brgy. Quezon, Brgy. Lipit, Brgy. Aragan, Brgy. Turod-Patac, Brgy. Dardarat, Brgy. Pila, Brgy. Bato, Brgy. Nagsingcaoan, and Brgy. Alinaay.

Hose relay
The involvement of Barangays in this activity was indeed a success, for we are now gearing towards their active participation in every endeavor that we shall undertake. Cabugao Firefighters would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our beloved mayor Honorable Edgardo S Cobangbang Jr.  for his support in this event. 

Fireman’s Carry
Blitz attack 

Tug of War

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