Monday, February 2, 2015


THE MOST AWAITED Kannawidan Ylocos Festival, in its 8th strong year, finally opened with a strong blast and marked another history in the field of festivals around the region.

Festive as it looks and as expected, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur, through the leadership of Governor Ryan Luis Singson as the Chairman of the 8th Kannawidan, piled a different perspective to the people of Ilocos Sur as it assured fun and enjoyment for this season of the festival. Series of innovated and sustained activities astonished lots of the local folks and especially the tourists which boomed in number when the festivities started.

Governor Ryan Singson made sure that his presence will be manifested in all the events of the feast, hereby stating words of gratitude and cooperation. “Kannawidan, as we all know means the usual way of life, the embedded tradition and embracing of the cultures of our past. That is why, this Kannawidan Ylocos Festival exist, for us, Ilocanos to sustain our heritage, to uplift our tourism and be united in making a SURE ILOCOS SUR.”

It commenced with a spirit of solemnity as a Mass was celebrated at the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral immediately followed by a procession of all the patrons of the different municipalities. The provincial government officials, administrators and staff along with the Philippine National Police braced their cravings for food and quench for thirst as the traditional “Kinnammet” (Boodle Fight) at the Capitol’s Quadrangle (Bulwagan ng Katarungan), denoting a harmonious relationship of the provincial workforce. The fusion of the earth’s domains, water and air dominated the scene as the dancing fountain mesmerized the people with its fantabulous craft concluding it with a super light covering the sky with colourful fireworks sealing its title with the best feature of “Rimat ti Tangatang”. Ilocano Talents jammed the stage of the Quirino Stadium as the Siglat Ylocandia Talent Search rendered its explosive Grand Finals for its Fourth Season, bringing out the potential talents laudable with its abundant filled performances.

Think we’re done? The chains of joyful memoirs don’t end there yet. The diary for this 2015 Kannawidan Ylocos Festival just began its meritorious writings. The story of this historic jubilee is still in its beginning. Expect more of the special undertakings, because we guarantee, its sure fun in Ilocos Sur! # Adapted, WEBSITE-ILOCOS SUR

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