Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The 4th Barangay Fire Olympic was held on March 20,2015 at Cabugao South Central School, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. It was participated by 7 barangays namely, 

Brgy. Cuantacla, Brgy. Cacadiran, Brgy. Turod, Brgy. Baclig, Brgy. Bonifacio, Brgy. Dardarat and Brgy. Pug-os. Barangay Fire Olympic Started on March 2012 when INSP ELMER C ACAPUYAN assumed duty as Municipal Fire Marshal.
Barangay Fire Olympic was conducted yearly because the MFM believed that continuous practice and involvement of Brgy. Officials and tanods in fire suppression and rescue will hone them to become a better first responder for they are our multiplier forces in their respective barangays. 

There are five (5) events to be Contested and these are 1) Hose Throwing, 2) Target Attack, 3) Fire Extinguisher Relay, 4) Bucket Relay and 5) Tug of war.
Each event is allotted a corresponding points and the Team or Barangay who yielded the highest points will be declared the Champion. 
In this 4th Barangay Fire Olympic Barangay Cuantacla was declared the Champion for yielding a total of 60 points and they will be our participants to compete in the upcoming Provincial Fire Olympic, Barangay Dardarat got 2nd Place with 55 pints and Barangay Cacadiran, the defending champion, got 3rd place with 50 points.
The winners were given Cash Prizes, 2,500.00 for the Champion, 1,800.00 for 2nd Prize and 1,250.00 for 3rd Prize. Non-winner were received a consolation Prize of 500.00 each team. The funds and prizes given are compliments of LGU Cabugao thru the Leadership of the Honorable Mayor Edgardo S. Cobangbang Jr.
Our sincere gratitude to all the Barangay who participated in this events and to Hon. Mayor Edgardo S. Cobangbang Jr. for the Prizes. Indeed your participation and untiring support to the BFP Cabugao 

Is of great help to implement and accomplished our mandate.#

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