Monday, March 9, 2015


The Knights of Rizal 20th International Assembly was conducted in Vigan City,Ilocos Sur. Outstanding land, covered with the aspiration of nationalism brings forth the beauty and quintessence of the province. These words imbibed the hearts of the delegates who warmly inculcated their minds to the wonders of Vigan.

The International Assembly of the delegates started with the wreath laying and the unveiling of the KOR marker at the Plaza Salcedo highlighting the opening of the said event. Reports from KOR regions around the world were presented bearing pride and recognition to their accomplishments and future plans. The VIgan Convention Center, which housed the delegates was filled with glamor as the delegation started to utilize its amenities. So forth, industrializing it with Ilocos Sur products and delicacies. It placed the outmost region of the north, Ilocos Sur, to be hailed as one of the destinations these delegation will sort for in their priority list for seminars, fora, adventure and plain tour. Awarding of the excellent Rizalians in the world was made as well as the elevation of ranks particularly to those deserving members. 

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur engaged the degrees of preparation to welcome the delegation with its best niceties and to deliver the best of its welcome. “We are glad that our province was chosen for the KOR International Assembly. It enriches our nationalism ,honor and pride especially now that there are members all over the world who embodies the teachings and ideology of our national hero, Dr. Rizal.We hope that our youth will do their own share for a better future.” , Gov. Ryan cited. The delegation also had the chance to tour around Ilocos Sur on the last day and were able to showcase them in their social media accounts as well as in their own destinations when they go back home. 

Sir Jeremias “Jerry” C. Singson, KGCR, the Supreme Commander of the Order, as well as a member of the Provincial Board, expressed his sincerest gratitude to the people who in one way or another made the event successful. “I thank all the people who made this International Assembly possible, especially to the father of the province, Gov. Ryan Singson, the mother of the City of Vigan, Mayor Eva Medina and all of those people who helped us along the way.” # Adapted News, PIO-Ilocos Sur.

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