Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The provincial Government headed by Gov. Ryan Singson gave out financial assistance to the different cooperatives and people’s organization in the province amounting to 3.8 million pesos.

The assistance will aid the members especially those who are in need. They can borrow an amount from their organization with a minimal interest.

Governor Singson saw the needs of the members. Though the assistance may not meet all their wishes, at least it would ease their financial burden.

“These cash given to you today is just a half of your request but if you know how to handle and use in a proper way, we will double or even triple your requests”, Gov. Ryan said to the beneficiaries.

Eighteen cooperatives and Peoples’ Organization from different municipalities received the cash grants. One of which is the Rang-ay Fisherman Association from municipality of Santa. They are very grateful for the benevolence of Gov. Ryan to their organization.

“We thank Gov. Ryan for the financial assistance he gave to our organization. We will use this for buying fishing equipment and the rest of it, we will lend to the members”, said Benny Quito Pres., of Rang-ay Fisherman Association.

Through this financial assistance, cooperatives and organizations in the province will develop towards giving aid and benefits to their associates in order to support their living.# Source - Mary-vick Addu/PIO Ilocos Sur 

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